The Soulette Journey, The Evolution From Honey & Be

April 13, 2021

Soulette, formerly known as Honey & Be is the evolution of self care rituals. What started two years ago as a mission to redefine self care, Honey & Be designed intentional facial massage tools that encouraged people to slow down & indulge in more mindful beauty. Over the years, our customers challenged us far beyond that mission. We evolved our products, expanded our offerings & even started a podcast to take the self love conversation further. In every effort to dive more into the meaning behind intentional self care - something was still missing. 

What we realized was that it was in fact, our own practices, daily rituals & inner transformations that were inspiring our community. Soulette is the evolution of Honey & Be and everything that we have dreamed up from the very beginning. Soulette is still rooted in our belief that we all deserve more mindful self care, but we are taking it deeper. Soulette is leading the way in ritual practices, combining beauty, wellness, nature's healing elements & intuition. 

Soulette’s mission is based in empowerment. We believe that empowered intuition is the key connection between ourselves & a more harmonious world. Ancient & modern rituals lend a foundational hand around inner empowerment. By tapping into earth medicine, the voice of nature & the hum of our own soul, we activate this intuitive power.

Rituals bring us closer to our soul, the vibrations of the energy around us & the world we live in. Soulette embodies everything that was loved about Honey & Be, but on a whole new & transformative level. We are beyond excited to share this evolution with you & everything we have planned to support your journey closer towards your soul.

SOULETTE MANTRA / When we integrate the magic of rituals in our waking life, in the moments of challenge & disconnection / that is when we have truly embodied their lessons. Rituals carry a frequency that connects you deeper to your own unique soul.

Thank you for being here & allowing us to be part of your journey. We are so excited to share more with you & bring this soul care conversation to life! We are here to share transparent personal growth, inspire your ritual practices, shed light on inner & outer transformation & empower your entire being. Much love!

- Elly & Clea