Rise RADIANTLY with the beautiful, vibrant Japanese ritual of Matcha


Matcha is deeply rooted in the rich beauty of Japanese tradition & culture. Its origins can be traced all the way back to the 7th-10th centuries, in the Tang Dynasty in China, where tea leaves were steamed & formed into bricks for storage & trade. The bricks were ground in a mortar & the ground tea would be mixed with herbs to create tea. The proceeding Song Dynasty (10-13th centuries) is when preparing tea like this gained popularity. Matcha was brought to Japan where it became an integral part of Japanese culture.

The Zen Buddhist Monk Eisai played a prominent role in bringing matcha to Japan 800 years ago. On his return from China, Eisai brought some tea seeds to Myoue Shounin, a monk from Kousanji temple in Toganoo, Kyoto & planted them in Uji, Japan. They began growing it under the shade, steam drying it & then grinding it into a powder to create matcha. This is when the preparation of matcha as we know it today- whisking matcha powder with hot water (Tencha) was born. Over time, Zen buddhist monks in the region developed the concept of tea ceremonies. Buddhist monks drank matcha before their meditations to enhance their experience & promote a zen flow state. Samurai warriors also fueled up with matcha before battle to improve energy levels & concentration. 

Japanese Tea ceremonies (also known as sadō/chadō 茶道, or “The Way of Tea”, also known as chanoyu) were originally held in teahouses in Kyoto & over time were introduced to more rustic teahouses in the countryside of Japan. Japanese Tea & Matcha Ceremonies in these teahouses are sacred rituals that promote a strong bond between people, who come together in stillness & quiet the noise of the world. 

There are many beautiful, traditional steps to these ceremonies which are respected & followed by the tea master. These Traditional Matcha Ceremonies showcase the beauty in the preparation & presentation of matcha. The art of this ritual is known as (o)temae [お]手前/[お]点前. Matcha ceremonies are very methodical & intentional. Many traditional tools are used to create a sacred ceremonial exchange between tea master & guests- including the chakin 茶巾 (white linen cloth to wipe tea bowl), the chawan 茶碗 (tea bowl to mix the matcha), the Natsume/ chaire (tea caddy), chasaku (tea scoop made of bamboo), & chasen 茶筅 (Tea Whisk). There are two main types of traditional Japanese matcha preparations: koicha (thick tea) & usucha 薄茶 (thin tea).

In the 18th century, the Uji processing method was invented, which revolutionized matcha and allowed for mass production. This is when matcha & the art of the Japanese Matcha Ceremony was introduced to the people of Japan. 

Soulette Enchanted Matcha Certified Organic Unparalled Flavor Single Origin Ceremonial Grade


Soulette Enchanted Matcha honors the beautiful tradition of unparalleled matcha while incorporating the ritual in the modern culture. We are inspired by the depth of global rituals that have been healing & transforming the world for thousands of years. Soulette is here to open the door to conversations around ancient practices / honoring the importance of examining where they come from as well as sparking curiosity to lean into how they ignite something from within in today's modern world.

Enchanted matcha is grown & created with love in Shizuoka, Japan. It is important that we honor the traditions & origin of this beautiful ritual. Here are all the reasons why Enchanted matcha is so unique & special…

CEREMONIAL GRADE / Ultra PREMIUM quality, vibrant green, the best matcha we’ve ever tasted. You will TASTE the quality & FEEL the energy flowing through you upon first sip. If you’re looking for the highest quality matcha possible, purchasing Ceremonial Grade matcha is incredibly important. It is perfect for enjoying a traditional, ceremonial style cup of matcha but we also enjoy adding it to our daily matcha lattes for the highest quality flavor possible.

 ORGANIC / 100% USDA Certified Organic. VERY few matcha farms in Japan are organic & use pesticides in their harvest. This is so important to consider since you consume 100% of the leaves and there is no way to rinse matcha powder. 

SINGLE ORIGIN / This is a BIG deal when it comes to matcha quality & something that makes Enchanted so special. MANY (if not most) other matcha powders are usually a blend of different leaves which produces a lower quality flavor & texture. Enchanted matcha is single origin, meaning it is grown on a SINGLE farm so it is beyond pure & elevated in flavor profile. 

SHADE GROWN / our matcha is shade grown and harvested at peak season for unparalleled flavor & quality. This improves the favor, color of the tea & brings out the sweet/ savory notes.

HAND PICKED / our matcha leaves are hand selected from the finest, first early Spring harvest leaves grown on a matcha farm in the Shizuoka region of Japan.

STONE GROUND / our matcha is stone ground with care. Each stone mill can produce only 30-40 g of matcha per hour, so it is created slowly & with intention. 

NO RADIATION, LEAD, MICROBES, PESTICIDES / Our matcha has been tested for radiation & it is NEVER detected in Enchanted matcha.

Enchanted Matcha



Ignite high vibrational feelings of steady energy, focus, calm, bliss & creative power to move through you & fuel your day. Our matcha is shade grown and stone ground in small batches from the finest leaves on a matcha farm in the Shizuoka region of Japan. Craft a daily ritual for inner & outer transformation. Live enchanted.