certified organic

ceremonial grade

single origin

shade grown

hand picked

stone ground

What you Receive


BAMBOO WHISK / Handmade Purple Bamboo Matcha Whisk

HOW TO / Instruction + Information Card

How To create

SOAK / soak whisk 

SIFT / ½-1 tsp of Enchanted Matcha to matcha bowl. Add 3 oz of under boiling water. Whisk in M motions until frothy. Enjoy ceremonially by adding more water or pour over milk of choice. 

ENJOY/ with our Enchanted Matcha

the benefits


STORE  / on a ceramic whisk stand to preserve the shape of the chasen. 

WASH / since the chasen is delicate, hand wash only to prevent breakage.


“The earthy taste and rich texture of this matcha is unlike any other matcha I’ve ever had. It’s part of my morning self-care routine that elevates and sets the tone of my day. I definitely recommend this matcha as a matcha connoisseur."

-Lea A.
"I am blown away by the depth of this matcha. It is so elevated & pure. Absolutely love that it is single origin & organic."
-Aria M.