certified organic

ceremonial grade

single origin

shade grown

hand picked

stone ground

What you Receive


BAMBOO WHISK / Handmade Purple Bamboo Matcha Whisk

HOW TO / Instruction + Information Card

How To create

SOAK / soak whisk 

SIFT / ½-1 tsp of Enchanted Matcha to matcha bowl. Add 3 oz of under boiling water. Whisk in M motions until frothy. Enjoy ceremonially by adding more water or pour over milk of choice. 

ENJOY/ with our Enchanted Matcha

the benefits


STORE  / on a ceramic whisk stand to preserve the shape of the chasen. 

WASH / since the chasen is delicate, hand wash only to prevent breakage.


Best matcha on the market!I am a huggggeee matcha lover. I drink it every day. #matchamornings I’ve tried so many different ones. Ones from Walmart, local grocery stores, amazon, David’s tea, and I was amazed at how good this matcha is and I am hooked. I will only buy my matcha from them now. All I need is a bigger container of it lol"

- Kim S.
"Great service, great productSoulette matcha is seriously out of this world - I’ve been drinking matcha daily for the past year (Whole Foods brand and something else from Amazon) so when I got my Soulette matcha ...I was BLOWN AWAY. It’s a beautiful jade color & the flavor is so much more intense than any other I’ve tried on the market. Plus, when my original order never arrived, Elly happily sent me another one and it came in a matter of days!! 10/10."
-Phoenix R.